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How much will a solder sucker really work?

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I am wandering if a solder sucker will really help get my bad soldering job apart and my parts back. I have  found a few on ebay and am wandering if they are any good. Please help.

I like this one. But there are spring loaded ones and solder wicks . I dont know how well they work. I like the link one though because it heatit up itself. I only have a 15 watt soldering gun so it does not stay hot really long. Please help. thanks.

Would I be better off just buying the parts again or do you think I can them off.

if you are going to be soldering stuff then you need a solder sucker.
no matter how good you get at this you are always going to make the occasional mistake. that's when you'll need to suck up solder.

ignore solder braid for now. it's usefull when you start soldering things with tiny, close together pins but you don't want it now.

as for the solder sucker you have picked out, great idea in theory but i wouldn't use it.
while it would be good if you are taking something with lots of components appart completely, usually you just want to suck solder off one pin.
you don't want to have to heat that thing up for one 30 second job.

i have the kind you describe with the spring. like a mini bike pump but it sucks instead of blows.
yes, it's fiddly. yes, your solder hardens before you suck 50% of the time but it's still the best solution i have found.


Yeah, the solder suckers I've used are the spring kinds.. Those are easy to reload, heh heh, and must a nice plooong sound when you suck the solder.

They don't work 100% of the time (the solder can harden like dunk said) but usually a few tries gets it, and you get better with it after a while..

Best of all, they're cheap! (I think)

I am the kid who really messed up on the soldering part. Do you think one will help me get the parts apart?I only have a 15 watt gun so it does not stay hot long. SOme of you saw how bad I messed up. Will one help me? thanks.

Yeah it will, you'll just need a little practice with the solder sucker but it works well enough :)


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