Author Topic: Help - what factors do you consider when buying industrial robot from suppliers  (Read 1979 times)

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Hi friends,

I am a graduate student at university of Michigan.  I need your help for a research topic that Iam working on. I am collecting information about what factors do users consider when selecting suppliers for industrial robots such as material handling robot.

I have created a survey for that and I would really appreciate if you will participate in the survey. It has around 40 questions and you can complete the survey at once or even in parts by saving and returning to the link later.

Here is the link to the survey.




Thanks a lot for your help.


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you need to consider some important factors. one such factor is weather or not you can do this on it

6 axis robot fun

but seriously i have no idea
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You need to motivate us to answer 40 questions ;D

Offer $ or prizes or something. You'll get way more responses.

Also, this is a DIY forum so not very many people with industrial robot experience here.


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