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I 'am about to buy a CMUcam2 but first i need to ask ya which one of this is the easiest to connect to a microcontroller like the Basic stamp2, Amtelavr128, and ARM7 2119 & 2106?

and is the best for object avoidance or navigation for of course a microcontroller level?

1)R228-CMUCAM2-OV6620:  http://www.acroname.com/robotics/parts/R228-CMUCAM2-OV6620.html

2)R229-CMUCAM2-OV7620:  http://www.acroname.com/robotics/parts/R229-CMUCAM2-OV7620.html

3)R245-CMUCAM2-PLUS: http://www.acroname.com/robotics/parts/R245-CMUCAM2-PLUS.html

I'm leaning of CAM2+ because i think it can connect to a  and a pc (with an adapter) the easiest but i think it doesn't have the buffer that the other two have and it doesn't use the OV7620, it uses the 0V6620.

Thanks for the advice


Personally, I would look at this one:


- Jon

it is a kit without the camera. Do they sell one with the camera?

Wow, they used to sell it with the camera...

Maybe check their support forum, they might have something about it in there.

- Jon

What's the exact difference of CMU Cams vs AVR Cams?  I used to know when I was helping kid get his working, but I forget because we specified with the CMU.

Another thing.  What do you intend on using the Cameras for? 

If you knew, you can better specify which camera you need to use.  Choosing one over the other is useless unless you know the application.  I realize you said obstacle avoidance or navigation, but those are pretty different relams.  If you plan on following tape, they have ones that can blob detect at a very high fps, while taking pictures of the environment and learning how to manipulate it into data is different. 

A microcontroller can easily be worked with these cameras.  The CMU cams have their own built in microcontoller, which you can most likely interface with another microcontroller to control the camera and the robot.


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