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Let me start off by sayin hi to everyone and how glad I am to find a forum full of information. I am new to robotics but I have done alot of researching and studying about building robots. I am looking to build my first one soon and have a pretty good idea of what I want.

Brain: OOpic 2 board
Motor Control: Mini Dual H Bridge
Vision: x2 Sharp IR Range Finder
Motors: x2 12V DC
Wheels: x2 Flat Neoprene Foam Tires
Batteries: ??
Base: Some type of aluminum or plastic

      I want the robot to be able to avoid obstacles. I am not sure how to program everything together to make it do that. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Your list looks good to me . . .

Have you read the sharp IR article?
it explains how to avoid obstacles with it

as for the base, i recommend putting a lot of time in the design phase planning it out on paper/pencil or in CAD. it will save you a lot of time/money the better you plan things out . . .

ITonight I got a whole list of ideas for the body and picked one and detailed it out on the computer and on paper several times using different angles and measurements. What would be the easiest language to program the bot with? Also, I plan on making several more add ons to it in the future instead of building a whole other robot. All of this is incoporated into the design of course. Have you or anyone had any experience with the oopic?? Thanks

I have never used the OOpic before but . . .
I browsed the OOpic2 site, and it claims 'Within the OOPic IDE programming environment, you can choose to use Basic, C or Java syntax for your scripts.'

Basic is by far the easiest. But C is more powerful with more features, if you have some programming experience.

The OOpic looks fairly good to me, meaning it looks simple enough for a beginner, yet has good features you can use in more complex robots later on . . .

Keep us updated on your OOpic experiences!

Thanks, will do. ;D There is one problem ; I do not know how to program in basic. Here is what I want the robot to do move forward, scan, find path with least amount of obstacles, then take the path. How would I program the robot in basic to do that?


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