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Ok I'm trying to build the 50$ robot. When I came to the website recommended (Servocity) I saw they had a version of the servo that is continuous in motion as opposed to the 90 and 180 degree versions. Could I skip the servo-mod and just use these continuous motion servos instead, and if so would that affect any of the connections?


Yeah if you buy the continuous servos, you can skip the modification step. Basically servocity does that part for you :)

yeah but isnt that like 20 extra bucks to spend on something you could do for free


Well, for the HS-311 servos I agree, it's probably not worth the $20 to get them to modify it. But when I ordered some other servos, I was willing to pay $20 extra for the modification, mainly because the servos used metal gears, and cutting metal gears didn't appeal to me.. I had enough trouble snipping off the plastic ones :)


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