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gender survey for robotics

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It has come to my understanding that women comprise only about 6% of all robot builders (according to The Society of Robotics and Automation).

As a first step towards attempts to rectify this problem, I am interested in seeing if this is true for the general robotics hobbyist so I posted this simple poll.

Why do I care? Well, the more robot builders we have on SoR, the more people we have sharing ideas and helping beginners. If RAS is correct, we could potentially double our member base . . .

Interesting, last year they did a survey in all robotics/mechatronics departments at my university and found that 20% of the members(including teachers, undergraduate, graduate and doctor students) were women(the total is about 400 people which results in about 80 girls). I thought I had bad luck....

polar bear6:
its official, SoR is a sausage party!

looking at the forum stats, apparently the newest version of the forum I installed now does gender stats:

Male to Female Ratio:     22.5:1

if my math is right, thats like 4.44444444444% women . . .

But of course this percentage can be scewed because members arent required to say whether they are male or female during registration.

so the next question is . . . how could this problem be solved?

Is there really a problem to solve to start with? And can you really do something about it, seeing that in general, there are less female robot builders.

My personal advice, if you want to attract more females, is to add more theoretical material. In my opinion, your site (no offense intended) is overly focused on low-level electronics and not enough on algorithms and more advanced robotics (past the hobby/toy stage).


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