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low voltage motor that will open a switch

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I plan to build a remote control unit that will simply activate a spring loaded trigger.  I don't need a servo because I don't need continual control.  I just need to move a spring loaded release or trigger.  I have found a transmitter, a receiver and plan to  connect this to a relay that will move a motorized or spring loaded arm that will activate my unit on comand.  Are there any affordable low voltage motors that can be activated by a relay?  I only need a transmitter and receiver that work at about 200 yards max..

hmmm you cant just hook up a motor to a reciever. the reciever emits a low power squave wave, so you would need to build a circuit to convert that wave into something useful for a dc motor. would be best just to use a cheap servo. the hitec HS-311 is like $9 . . .

polar bear6:
what you can do, is replace the motor in the servo with a solenoid, i haven't tried it but it should work.
you get solenoids in electrical typewriters, its the thing that pushes the letter "mold" thingy on the inkroll then it gets on the paper.
a little bad explaining but think about it for a wile then you will understand.
the solenoid are not in the typewriters with the golfball thing, look for typewriters with a weel full of letters.

Doesn't a relay that would normally link the receiver to a buzzer or bell create a usable voltage that could be used to  run a cam or motorized switch?  The reason I don't want to use a servo is that the transmitter is so big.  Even the smaller units have more controls than I want.  I'm looking for a transmitter that functions like a remote door lock on a car.

well you still need to power the relay too . . .

the 200yd range really limits you to the more expensive transmitters.


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