Author Topic: what algortihm I should use to send data using wireless to create map?  (Read 1843 times)

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i want to create an autonomous mobile device(AMD) (simple robot) for my final year degree project. This AMD with on-board 3 MaxSonar ultrasonic range finder (SN-LV-EZ1) which have capabilities to detect objects between 6" and 254" range shall scan the the path in front of it which will be predetermined earlier, for any obstacle. After the completion of the task, the device should be able to store or at least generate the map of that area.

This list is Bill of Material (B.O.M) that i`d been bought last 3 month from CYTRON supplier..
i)   3 Limit Switch (SW-LI-KW11-LN) as bumper sensor
ii)  3 Enhance 30 Amp Motor Driver (MD30B)
iii)  2 DC Spur Geared Motor (SPG30-20K) - speed 185 RPM, torque 78.4 mN.m
iv)  3 of 11.1 V LiPo Rechargeable Battery - main power
v)  KC Wirefire Bluetooth Module Starter Kit  (SKKCA-21) - for wireless communication to send the data to create a map of the area....
vi)  PIC16F877A (Cytron microcontroller) main heart of the AMD

what method or algorithm that i should be apply?..which can display or create a map of the area that have been scanned by MaxSonar ultrasonic range finder.. this data from this sonar sensor will be send a data bit by bit.. to computer by using Bluetooth device with wireless communication....then will be display in Graphic USer interface VISUAL BASIC 6 in computer...
I have searched on the forum for "navigation, avoid obstacle, wavefront algorithm, mapping".. .. i also have been read the page "wavefront algorithm" which i think the easiest concept to understand .... then, the forum also,  most of them use  ir sensor, servo motor, serial connection to PC, UART connection  ( relate to PC based ).... (if i not made a mistake.)....

so.. anyone have idea, suggestion.. ?..


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