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sound dampening noisy motors

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Hey guys
I just got my Banebots gearhead motors, they're really powerful and well made but pretty noisy. Does anybody know of any techniques for sound dampening motors? I was thinking like wrapping it in foam, or mounting it with rubber grommets. If anyone has had experience with making things less noisy or can give me some advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

what type of sound?

is it gears grinding? use grease/W-40. or a humming noise? increase the PWM frequency until you cant hear it.

I dont recommend foam . . . motors overheat, and foam acts as a thermal insulator. I once fried a motor cause I placed it inside styrofoam . . .

Here are the motors , and a sound of them. It's because of the planetary gears- I know that so theres nothing wrong with them, I just want to know if there are methods of greatly reducing this noise.


wtf that sounds horrible! something is wrong with that gear box . . . try putting WD-40 into it, run it for a bit, and see how the noise changes.

I suspect a gear is damaged, is this a new motor? any chance you can open it up to see the gears?

worse case scenario, you can put foam around the gear box (not motor) to dampen it a bit . . .

Yeah I'm not sure, one of them the one I recorded sounds like that, the other is about half as noisy and runs a little smoother. Maybe I get a defective gearhead? I think I'll open it up and see if anything looks out of place.


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