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I got my spykee two days before... i have charged it for 3 hours... i drive him, after 10 minutes was dead, he could NOT charge... i get another battery, when i put it on it it was ok, so i charged it...but nothing, the robot was dead... what to do??? i think it was the worst waste of money i could ever do...
please help,,,please..

Whats a skykee?
Do you have a link?

What batteries did you use?

I think they're a decent robot, but i wouldn't buy one.
I have better things to spend my money on.

Anyway, so you've tried two batteries and both don't work?
Have you tested the batteries to see their voltage after charge? It may be the charger is broken...


--- Quote ---9.3. Manually placing Spykee on the base
To do this, turn the robot on (the robot will charge only if the button under the chassis is β€œON”).
β€’ Place it manually on its recharging station (Spykee will be with its back to the base).
It will begin to recharge automatically.

The newly purchased product's battery pack is not charged. Charge before operating;

1 - Plug the female connector of the charger into the docking station's male plug;
2 - Plug the charger into an electrical outlet;
3 - (Re)charge for about 4 to 5 hours;
4 – When the (re)charging is over, take the robot out of the docking station.
--- End quote ---

Have you turn on the robot when charge?

. PC/ Mac Compatible
. 200 MHz ARM9
. 32Mb SDRAM
. Neither 4Mb NOR Flash
. WiFi client 802.11b/g
. USB host
. 8-bits uC to control the dual DC motor and control the charge
. 4 LEDs and 1LED flash
. Camera QVGA CMOS with 15 images per second in local mode (optimal conditions) / 4 to 15 images per
second in remote mode (optimal conditions)
. Infrared receiver
. Charge control for the 9.6V NiMH battery
. JTAG / Serial / port i2c port available
. Joypad compatible
. Electret microphone
. Loudspeaker 8 Ohm 2W
. Audio sampler microphone 16bits / 16 kHz
. Sampler speaker 16bits / 8 to 48 kHz
. Open source software
--- End quote ---

Have you tested the batteries using volt meter to see their voltage after charge? it should be about 11.2V when full charge.

Thank you for your response..
Okay i have take the battery from tha robot and charge it from other charging station i have... I put it into the robot again,,,so it was ok... i connect it with my computer... when i pressed the button so the robot go to his charging station alone...when it go there, it can not recognise that it go to the station and it does not stop moving to go to his station... any suggestions??


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