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Looking for a base for my robot.

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I'm planning to build a autonomous robot that moves on tracks using the compactRIO platform from National Instruments.
The robot must not old be able to move on flat land, it must be able to go up curbs and climb stairs, I.e, the tracks have to be big enough.
I'm aiming for a foot print of less than 1meter by 0.8 meter.
Anyone can recommend me a base for my robot that can be bought of the shelf so that i won't have to build one myself?

I think someone posted a thread asking if anyone is interested in buying something like that about a month ago.
But i cant seem to find the thread now.

Recommendations anyone??

A quick search on Google provides:

You're going to have a harder time finding a pre-made base in the size you're looking for - you need to go up to the more "industrial" level robots rather than the hobby robots listed above, which means spending real money.

You might try searching the archives of comp.robotics.misc - there are queries like this that come up there every now and again...

- Jon

thanks for the reply..
the lynxmotion site was quite useful...
the design of my robot is similar to the one shown...just that mine will be autonomous...
if only they had that base in a bigger scale...
ya, i'll need a industrial level base for my robot...
rats...remember seeing someone posting to ask if anyone is interested in buy sometime go...
but that post seem to have gone missing...
thanks for the help...

Just found this, leafing through the latest issue of Robot Magazine:

These guys are resellers for them:


" This platform is the most capable of The Machine Lab product line thus far. The MMP-40 mobile platform is the result of a conglomeration of input and ideas from people that are using robots in real life situations. We have gleaned detailed information from groups ranging from NASA sponsored research teams to Law Enforcement and SWAT agencies. We have even built several robots for the U.S. military that are in theater in Iraq right now.

Following The Machine Lab philosophy, this is a bare bones simple but rugged machine intended to help bring ideas to fruition faster.

The trend in mobile robotics is to get the machines as light and compact as possible without limiting their mobility in urban environments. At 40 pounds this platform is is designed to be a "Man Portable" workhorse. The machine can easily carry 30 pounds of payload and has plenty of space to be outfitted with cameras, sensors, computers, tools, test equipment, supplies, etc.

The best feature of this platform is that it can climb stairs. The added length and stair climbing ability allows the MMP-40 to negotiate larger obstacles and to reach deeper into urban environments.

The MMP-40 is has a water resistant aluminum hard anodized chassis. All drive train components are precision machined and all metal with long life ball bearings in critical areas."

- Jon

In that price range (4000-5000), you might as well try to build one yourself...


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