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    Axon Microcontroller

    The Axon is a microcontroller,
    designed by and for the robotics hobbyist.

    Getting Started | Purchase | Examples | FAQ | Help Forum
    WebbotLib | Bootloader | Source Code | Datasheet


      The Axon was developed for robots that go beyond the basics. With the Axon, you will no longer need to worry about not having enough I/O as it has 55+ for you to use - up to 16 ports for analog sensors, and up to 18 for interrupts. You will never be wanting of UART, as there are 3 directly available, with a 4th used for a USB connection directly to your PC. No additional programmer needed due to a built in programmer (bootloader). Lastly, extensive source code and tutorials have been developed to make it easy enough for a beginner.

      More specifically, the Axon is the best microcontroller on the market for multi-limbed robots such as bipeds, spiders, and robot arms. Unlike many other robot microcontrollers on the market, no additional wiring is required. It is 100% plug-n-play - no external power buses required to plug in servos or sensors, literally taking minutes to set up.

      The Axon uses the powerful ATmega640 as its processor, which has typically 4x more memory than other controllers on the market (see specifications below).

      Lastly, at 34 grams (a typical 9V battery weighs 40g), the Axon is the smallest and lightest of any other comparable full-featured microcontroller on the market.

    Axon Microcontroller

    No Soldering Required NO soldering or assembly required! Works right out of the box, with multiple working demo programs pre-installed.

    Axon is 100% RoHS Compliant All Axons sold after Nov 18th, 2008, are RoHS compliant. Axons sold before this date have a black 'L' written on the bottom side.

    Full Personalized Support Full personalized support by the Axon creator and SoR author himself! Stuck? Post a question in the robot forum and read previous Axon questions - no question is left unresolved. I will be continually adding easy to use software to support all your favorite robot hardware. This is all included in the price. Remember to read the FAQ first before asking!!!

    SoR Scope Free access to plug-n-play SoR Scope, software that converts your Axon into a 16 channel oscilloscope. Who wants to spend hundreds or thousands on a clunky oscilloscope anyway? No programming necessary.

    Axon Microcontroller


      For detailed information, please refer to the Axon Datasheet.

    • 55 I/O Total
    • Up to 16 ADC
    • Up to 29 Servos
    • I2C, SPI
    • 3 UART
    • Serial to USB Converter (4th UART)
    • Up to 18 interrupts
    • Up to 9 PWM Channels (7 without modification)
    • 64KB Flash, 4KB EEPROM, 8KB SRAM
    • 16 MIPS throughput at 16 MHz
    • 6 Timers (four 16-bit, two 8-bit)
    • pre-programmed with a bootloader - no programmer required
    • built in power buses
    • all software is free
    • 100% open source
    • and more!

    IR Trasciever, Bluetooth, Axon

    This is a YouTube playlist of many different robots and projects that use the Axon. The first demo video shows how easy it is to connect external hardware to the Axon:


      By purchasing product(s) from Society of Robots, you are thereby agreeing to not hold said website or owners and partners of said website responsible or liable for any and all harm, damage, or distress caused by said product(s).

      All disagreements must be settled outside of court.

      The Axon comes with an on/off switch and USB mini cable:

    Axon with USB cable and On/Off Switch


      Feature comparisons between other popular robotics microcontrollers.
      Axon Arduino $50 Robot
      speed 16MHz 20MHz 8MHz/1MHz
      I/O Available 55 17 17
      Timers 6 3 3
      analog 16 6 6
      flash 64kb 16kb 16/8kb
      RAM 8kb 1kb 1kb
      UART 4 1 1
      USB yes yes no
      Power Bus yes no yes
      Programmer Required no no yes
      Minimum Input Voltage 5.4V 7.2V 6V
      Polarity Protection yes yes no
      Noise Suppression some some some
      Price (subject to change) $56 $35* $15**

      * Does not include shipping or shield.
      ** Does not include servos, battery, and programmer for the $50 Robot.

    Thanks to Jay at Thurinus Works for the Axon icon!

    Thanks to everyone on the forum who helped me debug the software.

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