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Title: Ultrasonic Sensors in my autonomous bot read junk values while the bot's running
Post by: harshit3096g on February 24, 2017, 11:58:18 AM
I have attached 4 Ultrasonic Sensors on my motor driven autonomous robot. It has a servo-driven steering.
I am using Arduino mega to program the robot. The values of all 4 sensors are pretty accurate when I see them on the serial monitor with the motors off. But as soon as I turn the motors on, I start getting junk and inconsistent distance values on the serial monitor. I did this test while the bot is on the Jack, so it is not moving when I turn the motors on.

I guess this is happening due to the interface to ultrasonic sensors due to vibrations of the motors. Therefore I am guessing these junk values would increase as soon as I keep my bot on the ground.

Please helm me remove these junk values and figure out a way to get exact distance readings while the motors are running.