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IF function in ABB teach pendant



I am currently working on the communication between an Allen-Bradley PLC and an ABB teach pendant. I am activating the digital input (Ri_09) of the abb from the plc using device net communication.  The Ri_09 becomes 1 in ABB so all good. But then I am try ing to say : if Ri_09 equals 1 then call that routine. My problem is that the IF function doesn't let me put the ''=1'' after ''Ri_09'' and it says that the data type should be a bool ... From there, I am lost and I need help to find a way so that the Digital inputs work with the IF fucntions.

Thank you !

I will give the problem a shot.

     I have had some training with PLC in an industrial environment, but have not used a pendant.
but logically, you could use and/or logic to assemble the function you are trying to complete.
Other tricks you can try is substitute the 1 for an input that equates to  a 1. OR, you may be able to
use a variable that remains equal to a 1. The version of the software will dictate your options.

 8)  Good luck!!  8)  excelsior!!  8)


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