Author Topic: hi I want to build a replacement line follower for a profile cutting table  (Read 1606 times)

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so I have an old oxy profile cutting machine that had a line follower "magic eye" that followed a drawing black on white drawn with a felt tip pen this magic eye drives 2 dc motors one x and one y the magic eye is also connected to both of these axis  as is a cutting torch the magic eye follows the drawing the torch reproduces the shape 1;1
 very simple to use KISS principal
 PROBLEM the magic eye is fried and I need to build a new one
  the dc motors are good they are geared  down nice and slow but has to be
accurate + - 1mm
 so if a line follower bot was used to drive them it has to drive forward backwards left and right as it follows say a circle
I am looking for advise as to how to do this
there is a vast amount of info on building toy line followers but I can not find any info on this type or how to arrange the IR censors
I dont want to reinvent the wheel here I just want it to work happy to buy kits and modify to suit but dont want to over spend and it has to be simple!
thanks in advance


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