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I highly doubt anyone has heard/bought the Poo-chi's cousin, the Bird-chi. I dug mine up a few days ago, put some batteries in, and realized that the poor thing has alot of potential, but very little abilities. I don't know why Tiger Electronics thought a heap of plastic that belted out annoying songs all day would be 'fun'. Anyways, I suddenly got interested in all things robotic and did a web search. So here I am. :D

Why is this topic called 'Project Bolero'? Because it is a large project, and I found the word 'Bolero' etched into the Bird-chi's side. I really don't remember when I got him (yeah, now it's a him... ::) ), so I went with the flow. There is a point to this post, however. I want to make Bolero a completely autonomous bot- to give him the ability to move on his own and operate smoothly without any human interaction. There are few things I need to know before I start this project:

1) Does anyone know what language Bird-chi was programmed in? I am pretty sure it is the same as his cousin, the Poo-chi, so if anyone knows that, I'd be very elated to know.

2) I am confused on how to set up wheels. Then again, I haven't even seen the inside of Bolero yet. Which brings me to my next query...

3) Where can I find really long, really tiny Philips screwdrivers? I'm guessing either Home Depot or a glasses specialty store (I should know, I wear glasses! ).

4) Er.. How do you hook up the mircocontroller to a computer? A very stupid question, I know...

EDIT: And anotherstupid question: Is it possible to program a music-playing device into Bolero? I'm guessing you would take the case off the CD player, wire it to the speakers (He has a few, I'm pretty sure of that. ;) ), ect.

why use a cd player when ipod shuffles are so cheep?
Solid state is sexy! ;)

*smacks forehead*

I forgot all about the iPod. My mom has one she doesn't use anymore, so I'll ask her for it. :D
If that yields poor results, you could always buy a generic mp3 player over the internet from a wholesale distributor. That's where I got mine from.


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