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Looking for gears


I was looking for a site I could order gears from. Any suggestions? I found one a couple days ago but lost  the bookmark, which was too bad. It actually sold grab bags of gears, like 100 for $30...

what type of gears? size?

fyi, metal gears tend to be expensive . . .

Could be nylon. I just want gears, lot of them, so that when I need them, they are there. ;-)

search the forum for 'gear,' a few others have asked.

there is also this site:

i ordered from them like a year ago, best site for ordering gears i think, but it still has much to be desired. the listed gear data was incorrect for what i ordered . . .

Hi! Thanks for the link but that site doesnt seem to have grab bags. BUT I did find the site I wanted! It was hiding in my browser history and here it is!

THAT is what I think I need! Sounds like a great selection for $29.56, and much to my joy they ship to Brazil AND accept paypal!! Woohoo!

Now crossing fingers that the merchandise actually gets here.


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