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Chrome Vanadium skrewdriver axel


polar bear6:
hi, i was working on my nifty gear motor couple a days ago when suddenly my fat mom burst into the room and started yelling how much stuff i had and stuff.
and wile she was like screaming and stuff, she stepped on one of my screwdrivers and it was like all bent and stuff cos shes so fat, and it got me thinking, will it be good to use a screwdriver for an Axel?
if not, how can i make a lightbulb glow under water?

hmmmm I dont think you will ever want an axle on your robot. most robot builders make each wheel on their robot independent from each other. an axle is only required if you want two wheels to be fixed together.

every robot I have ever made, including this one in the link, has the wheels directly connected to a motor/servo

your robot tank cannot use an axle cause both sides will operate independent of each other (differential drive).  :P

polar bear6:
hmm, yea, but like u know like yea, and so like yea you know right.

To make a lightbulb glow underwater just attach the leads, then dip all metal parts in an epoxy, assuming you are using insulated leads.
As admin said, it is usually undesirable to use an axle on a robot, but yes, you could use the shaft of the screwdriver as an axle. just remove the handle.


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