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I guess servos can sorta be considered like a stepper in that it goes to a position and holds it . . . but it operates under entirely different principles. What you are really thinking is that it has position feedback control.

Unlike a stepper, a servo is a self contained feedback control device. To tell it to go to a position, literally just send it a square wave of a certain wave width. The width representing a certain angle.

You can also modify a servo so that it will rotate constantly and instead of having position control it would have speed control. The servo's on your Boe-Bot are already modified as such.

For manipulation, basic hobby servos are without question the easiest to use. But they arent perfectly accurate as they are usually off by 1-3 degrees.

What is Python?

Hey my Boebot can beep now! I get busy at workon weekends so the project slows then. I had a couple of beers tonight, so blame Miller Brewing for any typographical errors.

    Python is a programming language that considered an open source equivelant to Visual Basic. I've been dabbling in programming for a few years, proceeding into variables, but have never gottin into arrays or memory management. Supposedly it is simpler to learn than C and is getting supported under Windows, MacOS, and definately Linux. It has been utilized in many areas that C is, including embedded systems.
     The question popped into my head as I wrote the last update, and I was in a rush/too damn lazy to search for the answer. Sorry. Here's the main URL anyhow.


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