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Private Reid:

--- Quote ---I made this a sticky post so that the newcomers don't drive the old timers crazy
--- End quote ---

Oh Wow, I feel Privileged  :D

Lol, those darn kids(noobs), always going by with them their fancy two wheeled flexi skateboard majigs, and steppin on me lawn. I'll get you some day you dirty rotten kids(noobs)!

And... Admin, you wouldnt hurt us....... right? You're a nice admin..........right?

Private Reid:
You know, i havn't been on this site for almost a year and it's great to read posts from some of my old friends! who are still here. I think this is great, good job Admin im in awe of you ! 

I sorta moved moved from here to Hack a Day. And then i was thinking about SoR today and thought I might just take a look at how it's going. I'm just glad to see that Society of Robots is still growing strong (Have you seen how many robot tutorials there are now ! There was like only 20 last time i was here !!!).

Thank you SoR for teaching me sooooo much !  ;)

Lo1 y0u 01d tim3rs t@lk 7unny.

Wow that was hard to do. :P

was there a point to that post?


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