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Dutch TV looking for robot fans
« on: October 18, 2016, 02:50:27 AM »
Hi all,

For Dutch national television I am working on the research for a new TV-show about robots and AI. For this show we are looking for people who are very enthusiastic about robots. About building them, spending time with a robot or people who have a remarkable story to share about their experiences with robots. Do you know someone like this or do you have such a story to share? I would really like to hear them. You can post them here as a reply or send me a PM directly or mail me at j.koning(AT)

Some info about the show if you're interested. Our show host is Jelle Brandt Corstius, a Dutch author and TV-journalist. He is curious to learn about the world in which his baby daughter will grow up. Will she date a robot? Will she still has to work in a job or has AI taken over most tasks? The show will have 6 episodes and we'll try to follow the course of life: birth, education, relationships, work, healthcare and death/immortality. The broadcast company is called VPRO and you can find info on the company here:

Kind regards,
Jasper Koning