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How would i connect wheels to the motors and get them to run? ???

Well, dont use glue . . . cause I tried glue once and it didnt work too well . . .

Motors have an output shaft which you can slide a wheel onto. If you have the option of making a small hole into the center of the wheel, you can make it really tight and press fit it onto the shaft. Maybe a little superglue should be put in the hole to make sure it stays.

If that isnt an option, then what you need to do is make a mounting bracket that is real tight on the motor shaft, then screws into holes that you drilled into the side of the wheel.

If you think about it for awile, you should be able to imagine what I mean. I dont have any pics . . . sorry. Good luck!

How do i get the robot autonomous so that it goes which ever way it wants to so ina three wheel design ho would the wheel turn by itself?


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