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how can i attach wheels to a servo motor without modification of both???
thanks, fresh man from malaysia.... :D

For servos, you MUST modify them if you want them to rotate more than 180 degrees (so you can have continuous motion)
Go here:

As for mounting the wheels onto the servo, there are several ways:

However I personally recommend the method that screws those red servo horns into the wheels as it is the most reliable and very easy to do.

i'm using continuius servo do i need to modify it???
thanks for the mounting method :D
but it still need to drill the wheels...
are there any wheel that can mounting to servo without any modification???
such as use wheel hub??? :(

Well, when you purchase a servo new, it would not be capable of continuous rotation. But if it already can rotate continuously, then you do not need any further modification. It should be fine.

As for the wheel . . .
Unless you can find a wheel that is specifically designed for servos (let me know if you find any because I have not), you MUST drill into your wheel. You only need to drill 2 holes, can't be that hard. Measure and mark off the holes, and then just get a hand drill or a dremel. If you don't have one, I am sure a friend would. I used a table top drill press for nicely aligned holes, but it really does not require high accuracy at all. Shouldnt take more than 5-10 minutes per wheel.

My pictures showed two examples with two very different wheels.

think its the only way...however thanks for your helps and advices. :D


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