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Walker Robot Legs

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I'm try to design my own bot, based on this picutre, and this is what I have so far. Its a really bad drawing, but it should work.

And here's the design for the servo controller. It's a bit of a mess, but it should be functional.

Just a few comments . . .

Dont use transistors, use mosfets

Consider putting heat sinks on them . . . test to see if you need em.

As for balance, what happens when your robot lifts a leg?

And for the spring . . . they are more difficult to use then you think. I have tried using springs in a similar manner, and they just dont work right if you dont plan it really well. Look into air springs too . . .

I probably will use a mosfets. Based on your article, they do sound better, but they seems to waist a bit of power (excess heat).

Each leg will have a foot on the bottom. It'll kind of look like a upside down T . As long as I make the frame sturdy enough (carbon fiber), the foot should be able to stop the bot from tipping over. Here's a picture of a toy robot with pretty much the same idea

Ok, I used 3DSMax to model the legs. It’s a lot more functional then what I had previously drawn up, and it should theoretically work. The only thing I’m not really sure about is the feet. It should be able to walk on flat surfaces, but slopes will be a problem. I could add another servo to control the feet, and then use 2 IR ports to control it’s position.

I’ll probably work on an animation demonstrating how it’ll actually walk.

A quick note, the light brown boxes represent the servos :p

For the past few days, I've done some calculations on my design. Originally, I had wanted to use carbon fiber tubes to build the chassis, but I ran into a few problems. So, I think I'll use HDPE instead.

I'm currently planning to use 301.68in^2 at 3/18in thickness of HDPE, and 6 Hitec HS-311 servos. The servos will weight 9.12 oz together, but I still really don't have a clue about the HDPE's weight. As of right now, I'm just guessing that it'll weigh about 30oz for the servos & chassis, plus another 3.2oz for the battery.

If possible, could you provide me the weight for some HDPE weight at any dimensions? It'll really help in my calculations.


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