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need advice


hey guys .....
 :D :D
 i'm looking some books for my project ....
a 6 DOF robot arm or easier, 4 DOF robot arm ....
what is your opinion ????

 what kind of books is suitable for this project ???
any recommendation ???

should i study the inverse kinematic ?????
anything else ???

 ??? ??? ??? ???

You can easily make and program a robot arm without knowing anything about kinematics. However just like anything else in engineering, if you understand it your robot will work better and cost less.

You could if you want search for a preformulated equation matching the type of robot arm you want. You wouldnt have to understand how to derive the equation, just know how to copy and apply the equation.

Quick primer:
Forward Kinematics is if you know all the joint angles and positions of your robot arm, at what point in space would the end effector (gripper) be?

Inverse Kinematics is if you know the point in space you want the gripper to be, what angle would each joint need to be at? Inverse kinematics is obviously more useful, but much much more complicated to calculate.

In all situations, the fewer the joints, the easier to model mathematically. 4 DOF is therefore much easier.

As for books, I have read only one, so cant really recommend it. All of the books are heavy in math, so I wouldnt really recommend any  :P

Matt Mason is a professor in robotic manipulation that I once studied under. This guy is top in the world on this stuff. He argues that a robot isnt intelligent if it cant juggle balls . . .  :o
Anyway check out his homepage, has some useful stuff on it (such as class lecture notes):

thanks for your reply ....
 :) :)
really difficult to build a 6DOF arm, furthermore i'm not really expect in this field. :P :P
actually i'm a mechanical student, since interesting in robotic, so i decide to make a robot for my final year project  ;D ;D
hope everthing goes smooth.... ;D ;D

my idea is the robot arm is extendable manually, so the motion volume is flexible.
is it difficult ???
 ??? ???

I have built several 2 DOF robot arms (the gripper as a 3rd DOF), and they were of medium difficulty. The equations for 2 DOF are very simple. I havnt made arms with more DOF than that, so I couldnt tell you how hard it is.

Some tutorials that you may find useful for your project:

wow ....  :o :o
thanks for the given webside ....
its really helpfull .... :) :)
reduce my time to search such info .... ;D ;D
thanks again ....


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