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Title: Paid Student Internship, Robotic Research, LLC
Post by: Admin on January 19, 2011, 09:56:25 AM
Got this in my email today. As always, let them know where you saw it if you get an interview :P

Paid Student Internship In Robotics
Robotic Research, LLC, a small robotics engineering company located in
Gaithersburg, Maryland, is offering a paid internship for 2011 (start
and end dates flexible, winter, spring, and summer positions
available). Position requires studies and/or experience with
programming and strong interest in robotics. Engineering or computer
science focus preferred. Graduate students or undergraduates who have
taken upper level coursework may apply. Applicants MUST BE US Citizens
or hold a current Green card.
Robotic Research, LLC offers a flexible, relaxed environment with
extensive hands-on research, guidance from experienced robotic
engineers, and exposure to cutting-edge autonomous ground robotics
development. Please send email and bio to: Paula Brooks, Director of
Business, employmentATTTroboticresearchDOOOTcom using the words “Intern 2011”
in the subject line. Feel free to call with questions: 240-631-0008.