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Title: Will this still work with a more powerful dc motor?
Post by: byrlle09 on March 02, 2017, 07:35:26 AM
So I have this project(RC Multipurpose planter with solar panel) for my final year in mechanical engineering, and i have been researching on electronic schematic diagrams. I don't have much knowledge on making circuit diagrams so i searched for one.

And this is what i have found, a simple and small diy remote controlled robot schematic diagrams. (See site and pics) (Credits to the publisher)

Transmitter Circuit:
Receiver Circuit:

It is relatively simple and easy to build. I think this is gonna work for my project.

I'm gonna need a larger dc motor since the weight of my robot is about 30kg (about two 40W power of a 12VDC motor)(Moving at 2km/hr)
And im gonna add a solar panel for recharge-ability and sustain.

My questions are:
1. Will this still work and not fry up even if i use a larger motor? (Since ill have a larger motor, ill have a higher amperage for a constant 12V DC motor)
2. How do i configure this circuit to meet my required power to drive my 30kg robot.
3. How and where do i install my solar panel?
4. Any recommendations?