Author Topic: [Modiefied servos]same speed clockwise but at diffrent speeds counterclockwise  (Read 1639 times)

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Hey guys

I modified 4 vigor vs-11 analogue servos. Instead of replacing the POD's I removed them and mounted them out side the casings to easily adjust them to 0 degrees. When I pulse 1.5ms to the servos they all stand perfectly still (some make a click click click ) noise inside but none of them move. When I pulse 1ms to the 4 servos they all move at the same speed, but a soon as I pulse 2ms to the 4 servos 2 of them move at the same speed, one is a bit slower and the last one is 50% slower than the normal speed servo's. The speed ratio between the servo's are the same for 1.9ms-1.7ms.

I am currently using a PIC18F4455 to pulse the servo's with. I am using a 5V 2A power supply to power the servo's.

Hope someone can help really don't want to wait 4 weeks for new servo's.

Thanks in advance


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