Author Topic: Doing a review on my phone's camera, also have some failed robot on the bench...  (Read 2520 times)

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Ok, that's not robot related, and I'm not doing a promo or anything.
But I was looking for a nice camera to do some robot related recording for some time now,
and I did feel like sharing...

Also don't recommend this phone as it's no android thus no go for most of us...
(I was hoping porting was possible, but life isn't perfect... and that means either buying
another phone or try to port it myself... :'( )

Anyways, it has a great camera and that's what matters, it will accompany my robot projects
for the year to come that's for sure... (Unless SE Arc is a good as expected I'll try selling this and buying the Arc)

Again, I'm sorry I'm not posting a serious robotic related video, just wanted to share that quick review, if offended or anything don't feel a stranger I'm an old enough user to know what to do)

Please write some thoughts, especially on what I should get done better when doing a review, tutorial or anything like that. What you liked etc etc etc... And here's the video!

Sony Ericsson Vivaz U5i Close Distance Recording Footage
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