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Title: AI Tournament for industrial robots in Air Hockey
Post by: Michael.T on January 25, 2018, 08:22:09 AM

Hi, everyone.

I want to announce the AI Tournament for industrial robots in Air Hockey.


Everyone knows the competition of two AI in the GO game. But how about the competition of AI in a more dynamic game that requires tactics, operational reaction and speed instead thoughtful strategy?

For example, Air Hockey!

The simple Cartesian coordinate system - 3 coordinates and 1 Euler angle, only one an influence tool (the striker) on the game . Hence, only one hand is needed. Let take 6 axial industrial robots, put instead of players from two sides of air hockey table...


An industrial robot can make linear and arc motions, adjust the movement speed, rotate the striker in movement. It opens an incredible number of options for punches and flight trajectories of the puck.

It remains only to make the AI who can take advantage of all this diversity, and even at high speed of robot.

However, AIs must be different, like people, from different teams, each with its own character. So it will be more interesting, will not it? Different teams will build AI on different principles. Someone will create the intellect of a thoughtful tactician, another one will lay to setting a primitive reflex "see it - hit it". By the way, it is not known who of them will win.

To make it all happen and we were able to personally watch the sports-robotic event, the AI tournament was announced for industrial robots in Air Hockey.

To participate in the tournament it is necessary to develop an AI that managing industrial robot. This AI will compete with the AIs developed by other participants at the table for the Air Hockey.

Anyone can take part.

Prize places:

AirHockey rules for robots under AI control:


Technical terms and details:

Acceptance of applications will begin on February 1 on the official page of the tournament: (