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which chip?

 ;D Some 8bit and a 16bit chip

For future forum posting etiquette, if you are going to post a question, do not ask something vague like 'how do i build a robot?' or 'what software do i use for my chip?'

Instead, ask more specifically, 'what compiler do I use for my PIC16F877 microcontroller.'

No one will answer you if your questions are consistently vague and you refuse to give any useful information.

You should also consider searching google first so that you may ask more educated questions.

I have a question relating to software.....

I've never built or programmed a robot before, but I've looked into it and I couldn't really find a clear answer to this. I program in c++ and have basic electronic knowledge (logic gates, etc), and so I was wondering if there was a microcontroller that I could program in c++, and if I could use Microsoft Visual Studio as the environment? I was also wondering if there was a good book on programming robots in c or c++. I don't want a kit- I prefer to do everything myself, only using basic guidelines.

Also, how much programming knowledge would one need? I'm a computer sci major, but have only gotten as far as abstract data structures (not discrete data structures...but only things like vectors, strings, stacks, and queues/deques) and recursion (next year is discrete data structures and other such fancy things). Do you need to know about "Hashing" and specific techniques to program a robot?

Again, I've looked into the matter before, but could never really find an answer.



My advice is to start simple and check out,
It's what I did and my first robot came out ok (despite the fact that I had to program in pic assembly)
A good C like (pic really is kindof an odity in the processing world) compiler should only cost you about $100 or so.
There are free versions available but those generaly have a 2k limit on programs (I used up one K just for setup of my motors and serial ports when I wrote it in pic assembly, not to mention a look up table for my sensors) If you don't like that check out OOPic at . It's much simpler solution but remember the further you get away from your hardware the less controll you have (just think about all the necesities a OS would do and think about how much you don't need all that in the begining).

Disclaimer: I am a noob myself.  ;D

and no you don't need hash tables to start out with..... ;)


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