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Title: voltage divider for absolute positioning of driver motor
Post by: rouncer on June 03, 2018, 07:09:44 AM
so heres a voltage dividor, my own style,  and the current position pot is locked to the motor as it turns,  and this divides current away from the motor, theres 4 problems I see now,  but there is probably even more in the future I havent seen yet.

A) it only turns the motor one way,  and it could work with 2 over the same motor, because left would be the not of right, so maybe it wouldnt lose too much power doing it,  but there would be even more power loss.

B) the signal from the computer, would have to be full volume on the other side, so youll need a transistor to build up power. but I have in mind a capacitor to capacitor jumping circuit, but for that you need an oscillator, and mine isnt running yet.

C) the potentiometres will fry under the total watts going to the motor, so they have to be pretty tough ones, and u probably cant buy them, you could make them out of toaster wire, and they would be a lot tougher.  and the pots get very hot.

D) its only an approximate position your getting, it depends on the balancing resistor and the friction and load of the system, which have to be constant for you to pick the right resistor for, because its a divide not a subtract.  (it means if you hold the robot back from its posture, the divide will actually end up in the wrong space, because you supplied variable resistance to it.


And this is what im looking at the moment,   the plus side, is the system is resistant to wizards that arent powerful enough to stop the amplitude of the system,  except for the lower capacitors that are amping up from the computer,  but the computer is the weakest link in how much watts its using,  because the register apartments have to be small, therefore they are easy to influence with telekinesis, and im still thinking about how to get the whole thing high watt.   but at least the actuator circuit is impervious to it.
Title: Re: voltage divider for absolute positioning of driver motor
Post by: rouncer on June 06, 2018, 01:02:55 PM