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Title: basic structure of a robot
Post by: rouncer on May 07, 2018, 07:44:44 AM
Just to write something done for people to read::

A robots body is primary a connection of joints, then all thats needed after that is sensors, a powersupply and some form of computer for the SENSOR->MOTOR LINK.

the joints should have absolute positioning in,  you can do this in two ways, a stepper motor,  or a potentometre connected dc motor, and the motor stops once the potentiometre is at the right position,  and that is done through amp/volt comparison - you can use amps or volts, because a potentiometre affects both at once.

And that is it for the basic robot,  so they are pretty simple -  and if you could get the motors into a mould,  the whole thing could be mouldable in so many layers.

* concurrent map building system. (SLAM)
* internal motor-sensor model, for predicting the future, and a searching system to find the pinnacle result for its goal.
* solar power + a sunbaking cycle, like how god makes lizards.
* weapons?  (nah, better not! :))