Author Topic: Ultrasonic Sensors for grease interceptors  (Read 7131 times)

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Ultrasonic Sensors for grease interceptors
« on: January 09, 2019, 10:22:37 AM »
Hi Team,

We are working on a project to detect the level of oil and fats and sediments accumulated in a grease interceptor.
Usually a grease interceptor will have oil/fat at top layer, clear water in the middle and at the bottom of the tank will be solids or sediments accumulated.
Since I was browsing on internet I came across a topic related to "Affordable Underwater Distance Sensor Problem" topic that was discussed in your forum.
So I believe it will be wise enough for me to post my query regarding selecting a ultrasonic transducer sensor for my application.

At moment we already have a transducer but it has couple of drawback.
Firstly, the after few hours into the liquid, bubbles get accumulated on the face of transducer and this leads to the problem that the energy gets deteriorated even before reaching the bottom of the tank and we don't see the bottom of tank.
Secondly, some times due to the very nature of this grease tanks the transducer gets decoupled from the surface of contact leading it to not getting enough energy back.

I am hoping to receive some suggestions on if there are any better ultrasonic transducers available in market for such application and if there are how do we select which is the best for the application.
I did go through the MaxBotix company's website and not sure if that is what will be suitable or not.

Please provide your valuable feedback.

Thank you