Author Topic: Robotics @ Kurukshetra-11 !!!!! A Lifetime opportunity!!!  (Read 1722 times)

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Robotics @ Kurukshetra-11 !!!!! A Lifetime opportunity!!!
« on: December 19, 2010, 10:12:51 AM »
Searching for an opportunity to reveal your skills in the field of robotics??
Here comes KURUKSHETRA-11 to quench your thirst!!!
Event list:
Designer Quest             


Designer Quest: A robotics event unlike any other, 'Designer's Quest' is not about heated confrontations between bots. Not many rigorous requirements for you to fulfil. Here the innovation and aesthetics take the upper hand. Enjoy the ride and let your creativity run wild!

K!onstructor: The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been gushing its toxic crude into the ocean despite BP's focused efforts to bring it undercontrol . The extreme conditions at such an incredible depth makes direct human intervention impossible. So remotely operated Deep-sea robots have been the center stage at the Gulf oil disaster. Through the delicate "top kill" operation , BP have tentatively halted the gush of oil and gas fromits ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico. But experts have warned that the underwater leak was still far from being permanently fixed.

The ‘Konstructor -Deep Sea’ event of Kurukshetra has been modelled on
these challenges.

Khimera: A leading manufacturing company has devised an ingenious method to increase productivity and save human time and energy. It has sought the use of industrial robots which can carry the essential items like raw materials or files or anything to the respective places without human intervention. They have a robot and all other necessary components for implementing the plan but what they dearly lack is an efficient algorithm for the robot to move quickly and safely. We, in this event require you to help them achieve their task and they are ready to pay you as well if you succeed.

Pandemonium: A hostage crisis has developed and innocent civilians are being held at gun point. The rescue efforts is in full swing and the forces have surrounded the building. The rescue operation has to be conducted sensitively to ensure that there are no casualties. As a crucial part of the rescue efforts , the special operations team have launched an autonomous stealth vehicle to identify the location of hostages and to assess the situation inside the building. After assessing the situation, efforts will be directed in rescuing the hostages who are in immediate danger.

XCEED: Xceed, the nationwide robotics and quiz challenge, is back, this time bigger than ever. The event, which has transcended geopolitical boundaries to bridge the knowledge gap by reaching out to the participants across the country, will be conducted this time in four cities - Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Trichy. Xceed Robotics will happen in all four venues and the Xceed Biz-Quiz will be conducted in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Apart from winning tens of thousands of rupees as prize money at each venue, the winners will get a chance to face off against some of the best minds in the nation at the grand finale held during Kurukshetra! Get ready! We are coming to give you a taste of what Kurukshetra has to offer.
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