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Bluethood control of a toy car
« on: November 25, 2015, 09:29:40 AM »

This is my last project. It shows how to control a toy car with bluetooth device using computer and SCADa software.

The toy car is equiped with many sensors, so the user can see on the computer's display the orientation of the car on the land and the distance between a car and objects in front and behind. For all the orientation sensors is used a mobile phone with AltonaRemoteSensors android application, which sends the sensor's information per one sec via TCP/IP to the host computer. The car's DC motors are controled with bluetooth board. I use the analong inputs of the same board and SHARP GP2Y0A21 distance sensors to measure the distance between car and front and behind objects.

The SCADA diagram has two modes - manual and automatic. In manual mode, the user can control the car through keyboard in front, front-lef, front-right, back, back-left and back-right directions. In automatic mode, the car start to move in front direction, until the front object is fixed from the distance sensor. Then the car stops, the SCADA application remembers the current azimut angle of the car and the car starts back-left moving. The back-left moving continues until one of the both events appear - the difference between current and remembered azimuth angles of the car becomes 90 degrees or if this event not happens, then if the elapsed time in back-left moving is 10 seconds.

YouTube project: