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rollable joint
« on: May 13, 2018, 01:08:32 PM »

I plan on making the cylinders by rolling thin plastic sheet,   and the perpendicular attachments from hold roll to spin roll i think im going to try square lashing with nylon fishing line.

The weakpoint of the joint is probably the soldered on motor extender,  so maybe i should fuse screws from the side and it might last longer.

Im going to give this one a good pull test!   hopefully its mechanically hard enough,  then its just down to picking the right dc motors and batteries, so it can lift itself, and hopefully the potentiometre doesnt burn out too.  if i increase the battery power, im naturally going to have to modify the whole thing,  the potentiometres could stay but i have to limit the angle by locking it off the edge of the resistor,  which would just zap into smoke under too much watts.

And...  electronicly...   im having trouble making the circuit that positions the dofs using the potentiometre and a target amount of current, im stuck using the ratio, i cant get the current difference because it just wastes too much power,  and im having a hard time getting both directions to work back and forth, without them screwing each other up...

but,  im progressing.  :)
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