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Title: Cookid Technology Release the Latest Cookid Humanoid Robot
Post by: carloliu on October 28, 2016, 04:07:34 AM
Cookid new release the biped walking entertainment robot---Cookid humanoid robot, all company executives  from Shenzhen Cookid Technology are very optimistic about this product, It represents the overall image of the Shenzhen Cookid Technology Co., Ltd.  Cookid’s goal is to make their robot walk into people’s family life, meanwhile, to integrate UAV, intelligent home system and other existing business effectively, it can also strengthen  Cookid robot’s entertainment  function.

Shenzhen Cookid Technology Co., Ltd started the robot R&D long time ago,  and we will continue to develop future oriented products, we has been in a unique position. The technically for robots development is very difficult, especially in the investment of funds and cost control, Cookid has only a small number of competitors in the entertainment robot. At the moment of Cookid robot’s birth, except of freedom and flexibility such as human walking, Cookid robot have strong intelligent entertainment ability as well, for example , singing, dancing , playing Kungfu, telling story and so on.

To drive the new technology wth the new products is the overall idea of COOKID. The technology is still the most important factor for COOKID robot. The robot technology is now in the development stage, we will develop the robots that can take care of patients or robots that can also be applied to the cause of education, we can cultivate English speaking robot dog, in the future, we can also make Cookid robot communicate with people freely.

As for the size of the robot market, the general manager of COOKID technology said, the robot market is a huge potential market, as long as we break the technical bottleneck and add more particle functions, it will be indispensable in our life just like smart phone.

it is possible to reduce the cost when the market demand is large. But now it seems to be a long time for the mass production of the robots. Although the market price has not yet been determined, but someone had estimated that the price of Cookid robot will be same as a senior car".

When the robot can really go into the human life as we predict that in 2050, the goal which can come true is that the robot can set up their own football team to enter the world cup to play football with real human. . Now IT technology and network technology are developing very rapidly, it is estimated that in 2010 the concept of home entertainment robots will be accepted by more people, then this industry will also have a great development