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Title: 50$ robot with rangefinder not working/ hex file needed
Post by: madshah on July 31, 2015, 10:21:39 AM
I have a problem with the hex file of 50$ robot with sharp IR. I  have successfully made the 50 dollar robot but I am having issues with the rangefinder upgrade. I just need the hex file. Can somebody please send the hex file of the 50$ robot with sharp IR. The source code is on the site. I tried creating it using atmel studio 6.2 and i havent uploaded the makefile. I initially did it using avr studio 4 as instructed but many errors were shown even though i followed each and every step correctly. Please help by sending the hex file or guide me through creating the proper one on atmel studio 6.2. I am a beginner of a beginner in programming. Go easy on me please  ;) :D