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Title: Cookid Smart Humanoid Robot
Post by: carloliu on September 23, 2016, 03:35:39 AM
According to the report released by Chinese Ministry of industry and information technology, The Chinese service humanoid robot market has entered a stage of rapid growth. China's service humanoid robot annual sales revenue is expected to exceed 30 billion Yuan by 2020. In this case, hundreds of Chinese enterprises are entering the service humanoid robot market. The next blue ocean market is appearing.
For a long time, more than 90% of the global robot field is dominated by industrial robots, which is the inevitable result of the production and manufacture to conform to the market trend.
In the field of global industrial robots, Swiss ABB, Germany KUKA, Japan FANUC and YASKAWA are most famous, are known as the Big Four of industrial robot. They also play an important role in the Asian market, and take up more than 70% of the market share of China's robot industry, almost a monopoly of the robot manufacturing, welding and other higher order areas.
The Big Four are taking a leading role in industrial robots and Few companies can shake their roots in a short period of time. However, for the robot, in addition to industrial robots, service humanoid robot is another major development area. Service humanoid robot, as the name suggests, is the robot imitate human life and provide service to us.
The robot can be divided into two kinds of robot based on the service scene, the personal / home robots and professional service robots. Based on the different functions, it can be divided into various of different types, for example, household robot, entertainment robots, vacuum cleaner robot, medical robots, logistics robot and so on. All of these robots have begun to affect people's daily life and become a service tool in peoples’ life.
From the perspective of social needs, the emergence of service robots and the outbreak is natural. Now, let us look at a group of data, currently the number of Chinese aged over 60 years has reached 226 million, accounted for 14.9% of the total population, it will be reach 17.2% by 2020. Europe, United States, Japan and other developed countries, the aging is more serious, The population over 60 years will reach more than 20%. At the same time, social culture of separation between parents and children in western society bring more issues such as accompany old people, it‘s also lead to a surge in demand for social service person,and cause the phenomenon that the supply is not adequate to the demand. Meanwhile, the lack of demographic dividend and the accelerated aging of the world, also caused the human cost is higher and higher. It can be said that whether from the market demand, or from a commercial point, services humanoid robot already has a broad market, and will play an important role in the future. Currently, the service generally optimistic about the future development of humanoid robots in the global arena, it’s said that it’s expected to exceed industrial robots to be the next blue ocean. There are more than 48 countries are involved in the field of service humanoid robots worldwide and 25 countries have been involved in the world's leading position.
The leading country in robot industry is USA, which is mainly  for the military and medical markets; Germany  has advantages on industrial manufacturing robots. Japan and the United Kingdom have strong capability on service robots, and South Korea is well-known for the entertainment and educational robots.  In China, as the newest top technology, the service humanoid robots become the focus of people’s attention even the technology of Chinese enterprises is not matching to the level of their foreign counterparts  but overall of them are  under steady upward improvement.

In China, many companies entered and invested the humanoid service robot, such as Shenzhen Cookid Technology Co.,Ltd.  They are doing huge efforts on R&D , software and hardware development to get big breakthroughs on key technology , Cookid is striving to narrow the gap between foreign leading enterprises to make the domestic service robot industry become the world's leading Technical field. At present, Cookid released the cool humanoid robot (  which has been recognized by consumers.

In China, to develop the humanoid robots is much easier than to develop industrial robots. As a technological industry that can enter people's daily life, it is particularly important that it is very attractive to people . At the same time, with the improvement of people's living standards, intelligent products and technology are accepted by people. Increasing demands and markets will make services humanoid robot become the next blue ocean, please let us wait and expect.

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