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Title: 12/24 Volt Motor?
Post by: sotu on August 21, 2008, 10:19:25 AM

Im on a new project making a three wheeled electric scooter, kinda like this one, but on three wheels, and home made: (

I have tought of buying one of those scooters, take them appart and use the parts, but they dont ship theyre products outside the USA :(

I've found some very interesting motors, that looks like exactly what i need on ( but they dont respond on any of my emails! and they dont give any spesific ordering information, or prizes on the product pages.

I live in Norway, so i need a company that ships to me.

A bit information about the product im making:
3 wheeled EL scooter
Weight about 70-80 kg
Batteries: 1x 12v - 18 A. Or 2x 12v - X A