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Title: CMUcam3 has been released
Post by: Admin on February 27, 2007, 08:20:00 AM
The CMUcam3 ( has been recently released.

Apparently it uses an ARM7 processor, and is designed to be fully reprogrammed without need for external hardware (useful!!! you can write your own algorithms!!!). From the datasheet (

While CMUcam2 functionality can be duplicated using CMUcam3, the major benefit of CMUcam3
stems from the ability of advanced users to directly program the system with their specific
algorithms, even starting from the openly available firmware for CMUcam3 that emulates a
majority of the CMUcam2 functionality.

Other features . . .
controls 4 servos
has an image manipulation library
CMUcam2 emulation (does stuff the CMUcam2 can do)
wireless mote interface

unfortunately the $239 pricetag is a bit inhibitive for most people . . . and Im not impressed with the badly planned out mounting holes . . .