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what parts do i need for my robot
« on: September 28, 2016, 12:12:28 PM »
I want my robot to contain about 20 MB of data or a little more, this will be mostly in text. some pictures so that it can recognize one or two particular objects. So obviously, i want a camera connected to it and i want it to be able to save images (no need to display them, just save, i would access them through a PC later. HOWEVER, i do want it to have an output text screen, ie, i want it to be able to display text on a screen, just plain text.)

I also want it to be controlled by speech recognition, so it has to be able to accept voice input. Also, i want it to be capable of producing voice output, but only one or two prerecorded sounds.

lastly, an infrared sensor will be used for distance gauging and a push button one for contact.

summary of needs:
microcontroller and parts required to:
  • store at least 20 MB of data, text (the microcontroller needs to be able to access this text and run algorithms on it, GET data only, not change it), and images (images only for image recognition)
  • allow saving images taken by the camera
  • speech recognition as input
  • output audio (only one or two prerecorded sounds)
  • output plain text on a screen
  • equip an infrared sensor for measuring distance and contact push buttons for detecting contact

if relevant, i am using tracked wheels, two dc motors, the robot will move upon detecting an object using the camera. i will decide what motor controller to use when one of you good fellows lets me know what microcontroller would be adept for my wants.

Note: for speech recognition input, i know i will use an advanced sound sensor, and for the infrared and push button sensors i obviously know what I'm using, same with the camera. I only mentioned these ones so you would know what i need the micro controller i use to be capable of. But as for the data storage and saving photos and screen, i have no idea what i can use as i have never used anything similar in a robot before


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