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Cookid Intelligent Humanoid Robot, A New Friend For Kids
« on: October 24, 2016, 01:42:48 AM »
Along with the advance of the times and development of technology, our material life has been greatly improved, people have become more and more particular about toys. Therefore, traditional toys are unable to satisfy the current "little adults", the children need more challenging, playful toys. Intelligent robot, the new era of toys that can accompany children, interact with children, are gaining popularity. Through interaction with the children, it can develop their intelligence, and cultivate children's ability to think, analyze and solve problems independently, at the same time, parents can also be involved in children’s growth, narrow the distance between parents and children.

All parents want to give their children the best things, including toys. Like Cookid intelligent humanoid robot from Shenzhen Cookid Technology Co., Ltd. we firmly believe that high-quality toys are not only safer, but also have a unique positive aspects on early education. Especially in the era of intelligent robot, children are become more fascinated with entertaining robot. Because of the birth of the robot,  there is a new change for the family communication, the childrens’ taste of science and technology. However, there is a problem of overpricing and homogenization in the market at present, in the intelligent robot blowout period, Cookid humanoid robot with functions of intelligent companion, entertaining and so on.
Cookid intelligent humanoid robot, belonging to Shenzhen Cookid Technology Co. Ltd. , is born in such fast changing environment. Cookid robot can complete a variety of complex actions, such as dancing, doing gymnastics, performing kung fu, it can also be controlled by PC, tablet, mobile phone, meanwhile, it also has functions of video surveillance, intelligent home, video call

The important function of intelligent robot is accompaniment , those parents who are busy with working have little time to accompany their children, with the development of science and technology, intelligent robots can be better used to accompany children. The intelligent robot can not only help busy parents, but also work as a warm playmate in childrens’ growth. Although the robot can not replace the love of parents, but in a certain extent, they can solve the problem of children’ loneness.


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