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Title: robot pressure washer?
Post by: 20GT on July 22, 2017, 10:22:17 AM
I?m just a janitor working at a dead end job. They had me pressure wash some concrete the other day and was thinking basically the only work involved is moving the tip.

I have no experience with robots, but I have an idea and that?s a start.
I?m looking for a robotic pressure washer for driveways and sidewalks. There are robots out there.

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But they are not exactly what I?m looking for.
This last one is closer to what I want but only because its cleaning concrete lol

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What i would like is unit that moves back and forth and forward like a printer steadily covering the area.
I'm supposing GPS and a photogrammetry map from a UAV could be used to plot the path of the unit.


What different ways and sensors could be used to keep the clean constant?
visual sensor - what if the concrete isn't that dirty and the clean swath is not contrasted enough?

Maybe something to measure the size of the cleaning swath and calibrate accordingly before starting the job. 
But that is only to help with the map and does not deal with the consistency. 


Because of the vibrations from the gas powered engine on the pressure washer itself I'm thinking two units would be required.
one for the pressure head and one following behind with the pressure washer. (I'm not sure if an electric pressure washer would be powerful enough and then you also have to supply power.)

Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

Title: Re: robot pressure washer?
Post by: 20GT on August 01, 2017, 07:30:14 PM
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