Author Topic: Novice trying to roboticize a stuffed animal head... help please!!!  (Read 2859 times)

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So I know this may sound pretty bizarre, but I'm trying to make a mounted stuffed animal head that will move its elephant-like snout up and down a bit... (the animal is "Skippy" from the now defunct Alien Encounters ride at Disney World if you know what I'm talking about or a google search on that might help you see what strange creature I'm dealing with here).  I also wanted to hook up a motion sensor to the mounting block so that when someone walks by a voice clip will play.

Weird, I know, but it's a birthday gift for someone and I'd appreciate any help that can be provided!  I have absolutely no experience with robotics of any kind but am definitely willing to invest some time and money to accomplish my project.  I'm hoping that since the movement I'm looking for (a simple up and down swing) and the motion sensor-voice clip seem like they'd be straightforward they won't be too difficult to figure out...

Anyone out there with any good ideas or places to look for advice?  I've searched all over the internet for some kind of kit that I could sew into the animal head but haven't found anything...

THANKS!!!!!!   :)
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Re: Novice trying to roboticize a stuffed animal head... help please!!!
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for the voice clip

what i have been recommened to do with this (i asked the same question about motion activated recorder)  get a motion sensor, i would use on that turns on a led when activated or does a simple function

i have used this, when it is activated a led turns on and it moves back and forth

then get a digital voice recoder, one that will recored like 5 secs of audio, Mcdonalds used to use these in toys
and hook the leads that would go to the led to the "play" switch

here is my post i made a while ago
btw if you are using the way that airman00 sujested in my post, he has a great artical on comparators on his website
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Re: Novice trying to roboticize a stuffed animal head... help please!!!
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Check out this


Kinda pricey but it will make your Skippy so much cooler. this can take an input from a sound device and move the head/snout in sync with the song or voice. They also have several cool things and one of them might work better for you.
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