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3.7 v lipoly powering micro servo? bad idea?

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Is it a good idea to attempt to power servos with a 3.7 v lipoly battery?  I have read on various websites and other discussion forums that it is possible, but not necessarily the ideal.  My project will involve a small picaxe mcu, an rf receiver board, perhaps one led, and two micro servos.  I intend to use the smallest possible servos I can find.  I have found one that is about 3.7 g, but it is still 4.8-6 v.  However, the servos will only run every couple of minutes, and no longer than one second of run time.  And that is one servo at a time, not both running together.  So with very light usage of the servos and powering the other components, would be 3.7 v battery work


 :) Hello, its me again!  :)
If you can provide me with the servo information, and the battery information that you have, I might be
able to help look up some performance stats. I assume the lipoly, is lithium poly____, ?
(Is this related to the your other project, or multitasking?  ;D )
I will help if I can....   ;D ;D ;D

Yes, it's for the other project.  I just thought this question was better suited for this part of the forum.

This is the servo I had in mind:


The specific battery should not matter too much should it?  I have not yet decided which one I will get.  I'm just thinking of a typical lithium polymer battery.  Nearly all of them are 3.7 v.

as 4.8 v is listed as the low end of the range I would not count on it working at a lower voltage.

You could also contact the manufacturer/retailer but they will probably give the same response. If you want to know for sure buy it and try it out they don't cost too much. Likely you will find that it doesn't work (or if you're lucky turns but has very little power). Remember there is a control circuit inside a hobby servo that requires power as well.

If you only have to power 2 small servos you could look for a boost converter that can handle the current. this would let you run the servos within their specified range and would maintain constant performance across the battery life. Remember that batteries decrease in voltage as they are drained, your servo system needs to work with a range of input voltages.


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