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Hello from Brisbane Australia looking to connect with locals



As per the subject I am in Brisbane / SE QLD.

I have almost no experience with robotics but I am keen to get involved.
I do have experience with electronics, electrics and some grass roots (unqualified) engineering. I have previously built 2 Electric Vehicles and I am currently part way through my third EV.

I am looking to connect with locals robotics enthusiasts. Partly to expand my knowledge and experience but mostly to apply my existing skills and knowledge to augment existing projects. Please respond and let me know if there is a local group worth exploring. 

 :)  hello from the United States, North Carolina!   :)

 ;D excelsior!   ;D

   Good to see another robot superhero from Australia!!! Welcome to the
forum - kinda deserted here, BUT, there is very interesting subjects
and concepts here!!

    I am coming our with my robotic toy, which I hope you will find

 see you next time!

It's great that localities have so many competitions. I hope my product will be launched at a local exhibition soon.


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