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Title: PIC and AVR
Post by: Cradboard on March 02, 2010, 09:09:35 AM
I am very new to all this coding, i have used MATLAB but thats it.  can anyone explain the differences between these and why the $50 robot uses AVR?

also is one easier than the other for a newb to program the $50 robot to follow a line?  i know i can download the code from here but if i was to try and understand it and write my own or modify an existing one which would be better.


Title: Re: PIC and AVR
Post by: billhowl on March 02, 2010, 09:44:44 AM
What many people fail to realise, however that in almost all fields of enginering, there is simply no such thing as "Best". The correct phrase is "Most appropriate for your application". Similarly there is no such thing as "good practice" or "bad practice". It all depends on the requirements of a particular product, manufacturing process, development method etc..  Something that would be appropriate to do on a $1000 instrument would often be completely the wrong thing in a $5 mass-market toy.

I made the $50 Robot AVR based because at the time AVR's were much cheaper. ( ( (