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Title: AVRISP MKII pullup on reset help
Post by: javafiend on February 07, 2008, 08:35:23 AM
I've been struggling trying to program my ATMEGA168 from my serial port for over a month now and my AVRISP MKII just came in this week, manufacture date of 20071030.  Now I'm getting the flashing orange light that seems to be quite common lately.  After doing hours of research and following just about every thread on the subject and finding that about the only thing that might work besides the stars and planets being aligned is to put a pullup on RESET.

How do I implement the pullup on RESET that I've read so much about?  Do I just connect the resistor between Vcc on the chip and RESET or do I have to go from my +5V?  My knowledge of electronics is beyond pitiful, so the simpler it can be put the better (pictures are good).

Title: Re: AVRISP MKII pullup on reset help
Post by: javafiend on February 09, 2008, 07:28:42 AM
If anyone hasn't been following the thread on avrfreaks, this may alleviate some frustration.

From cdiilio
I spoke with a representative from atmel and there should be a software fix by mid next-week in the form of a firmware update for the MKII. I have an older MKII unit that works fine and just bought a new one with 20071012. All the new unit does is blinks orange. So I know there is a problem with the new MKII since my old one will program my board with or without a 10k pull-up on reset. Hope this helps.
Title: Re: AVRISP MKII pullup on reset help
Post by: SgtToad on February 09, 2008, 09:35:13 PM
Good !!!

I have the same problem. But using STK500.exe commande line i finally go over the blinky orange led. It's not really user friendly and I hope this update will fix the avr studio bug.

Thanks for your post.
Title: Re: AVRISP MKII pullup on reset help
Post by: javafiend on February 11, 2008, 11:12:27 AM
An update for the firmware is available for those having trouble with their AVRISP MKII.

Post from avrfreaks with the details:
Quote from: eivind
AVRISP mkII programmers manufactured from 20071012 to 20080130 has a missing parameter in the firmware.
This causes the AVRISP mkII to not be able to communicate with the target AVR.
The AVRISP mkII can be fixed by upgrading the firmware following this procedure:

1) Install this package (link below) to a computer that has AVR Studio 4.12 with SP1 or later. (AVRISPmkII.dat and AVRISPmkII.chm will be installed)
2) Start AVR Studio and open the programming dialog for the AVRISP mkII.
3) AVR Studio will detect an old firmware on the AVRISP mkII. Click OK and Start Upgrade.
4) The AVRISP mkII should now contain firmware rev 01.09 and work correctly.

This firmware works on all AVRISP mkII regardless of production date,
and will be included in the next build of AVR Studio.
The production date can be found on the bottom side of the AVRISP mkII. (